Trans-humanism and Cern

There is a nefarious connection between CERN and Transhumanism.   The best way to educate yourself on Cern is to listen to the likes of Anthony Patch.

It is very easy to brain wash the masses into stupid decisions.   Think about the movie the art of deception that make Jesus look like his story is part of an occult god.   There are some partial truths backed into the story.   Said with conviction, the story seems promising.

Educate yourself on the ultimate goal of fighting death.   Bring man and machine together.   Ultimate, those that get chipped and fuse with machines and be promised a lie.   Health, smarts, life, and the means to live forever.   Remember, the people that will control this technology, also say the real news (independent media) is fake news.


If You fuse with machine, you will be controlled.  I think they will lose their salvation.