Alert Scroll

Alert Scroll

8.  A great description of a Satanic occult ritual right in your face.  Pray against it.

7.   Americans don’t know God although they claim to be Christian.  The POPe just said populism is evil.  What?  God sets the countries boundaries.   The Pope also said that he is sick of the Christian Europe.   He is straight out of the pit of hell.

6.  Alex Jone on  was taken of social media platforms with 3 articles.  One talking about Bill Gates goal to depopulate the world.   Next, an interview with Rand Paul about how the Deep State is spying on how  Trump.  And 3rd, an RT article a CIA source said that the CIA was instructed to destroy Trump.  Don’t be a fool, social media is controlled.

The Return of Rand Paul

5.  Steve Quayle was told be generals that we are getting indoctrinated and poisoned to gain an appetite for Cannibalism.   TV shows promote murder.   We know the UN and the likes of the elite want world de population.   Today, CNN has a reporter eat brains.

4.  People in power are often ignorant because they are departmentalized.   Listen to This interview that goes over the crimes of the Clintons and others.    Awake and see the big picture.

3.  Rise of the Beast System for a Digital Slave Network – Rise of AI.

Computers are here that can build super computers and bring in the beast system.  You are just being told this to get you ready for the Mark.

Listen to Rick Wiles (  and the implementation of the dark web that will control everything that you do.

2. Santanism is on the rise at least publically

Realize, this is just the bottom feeders.   Leaders at the top are involved in these organizations.

1. Deep State Vs. Trump and Freedom.  Investigate Wiki Leaks Vault 7

CIA is rogue spying on everyone especially the President.  They are the grunts of the Bankers and Luciferian elites.   Granted, many in the CIA are true patriots and the ones doing the leaks.  it is not ok for anyone to spy on you.   All is black mailable including your beliefs.   Are you a Christian?   Do you believe in not vaccinating your kids?   Do you own guns?   Have you ever done something you regret in your home like say something bad about someone?

Topic Update for those that are awake…

Learn about Planet X.  I detail my testimonial and path to learning about the nine star under that category.   NASA in 1983 had a press conference saying they found the ninth planet within the edge of our solar system.   Scientist in Chili confirmed this as well last week.  Solution:  learn about planet X in the bible called Wormwood, signs in the sky, etc.  Pastor Paul Begley discusses Planet X and Cern trying to break into other dimensions.

Many suggest the increase of volcanos and animal death as mentioned as an indicator of end times.  A number of animal deaths the last 5 years is strangely increasing.

Elite, trying to start World War 3.   First, where is the blood in this video?  The Russian Ambassador was shot five times.   The global bankers need war to bring in their one world government straight out of the Bible and the book of Revelations / Danial.  As shown in the Wiki Leaks documents, the US funded IRAN for hostages so they can arm themselves to the teeth.   Throughout history like World War 1, the bankers fund both sides and consolidate power.   Solution:  Get your news from the independent news and support their efforts like or   Get yourself saved fast – John 3-16…

Media is controlled.   The fake news is really the mainstream news.   As seen with Wiki Leaks, the news was controlled by the Clinton Campaign.   Approving articles.   Look how owns these networks and newspapers.   They are insiders like Jeff Bezos from Amazon that gets a CIA contract worth $600 M annually.   The race crime promotes the divide and conquer strategy is a hoax false flag.  The goal is to pass laws that eliminate your free speech under hate speech laws.   The Solution, don’t be politically correct.  Second, get out of the control of FaceBook and other electronic control grids.  Watch Mike Adam’s video on how our media is just like North Korea.

Restrict Free Speach with new laws (Orwellian truth ministry in place)

God is REAL and JUDGEMENT is coming:  You must believe John 3:16.  Do your best to get on the Christian ship (climb through the barbwire and get on the ship).   Fear God and keep his commandments.   We are in a time where God is separating the goats from the sheep.

EDUCATION:   Wake up your kids that they are taught what to think vs. how to think.  Colleges are banning to teach history (George Washington University).

GENDER CONFUSION:  The occult wants to fight God’s word that men should be men and women be women.   They really want to control reproduction and make us all unisex.   This agenda is all over Hollywood and our schools.

FALSE FLAG update to control the people and bring in the one world government.  Watch the next month for false flags greater than 911.

Obama Takes A Bow

Mass Muslim attack, Nuke, Power Grid Down, Riots, Civil War flash points, EBT cards not working.

These politicians are controlled by pedophilia and other crimes they have committed.   Listen to an insider on TRUNEWs talk about Ted Kennedy on 12.26.16

The satanic group really runs it all.

MARK of the BEAST:  Going to a baseball game, you will be scanned.

Watch for a False Flag:   We are close to turning it around.   The attack on Russia is treason.   CNN and most of the news was in collusion with Hillary.   All of this came out in Wiki Leaks.    It is about the content of Hillary’s emails that shows the corruption of all the criminals.    The government is scared.

Boogy Man:  Russia is made out to be really bad but yet they are promoting family values, anti-abortion, pro-property rights, GMO vaccine free etc.   It appears Russia is free more than the USA.

Drugs:  I found an interesting education piece about how the CIA controls the

A police department manufacturing and selling crack.   Don’t think for one minute profits are not being made as well.

Divide and Conquer Strategy to divide the people.   MTV is at the tip of this seen by this video.

Health:  I keep hearing about high-quality probiotics.

7 Ways Probiotics DETOXIFY Your Body

Second, new evidence why you should eat organic food and build your own permaculture / food forest.   Round up linked to deadly bacteria.

Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria

Education is being highjacked.    Common Core is dumbing down the masses telling students what to think vs. how to think.   The solution, home school.   Push critical thinking.    Ask questions of who, what, when, where, and how.