Sodomites to Pedophilia (agenda)

Sodomites to Pedophilia (agenda)

If you are gay, realize, there is a calculated social engineering strategy to turn society into a unisex gender, destroy God’s family and make the government your god.    Depopulation is part of the strategy.  Brave new world was written by these global elites.  Chemical castration.

Sterilization of girls through vaccines is another strategy.

Rafapal: Gay, LGBT & feminist movements socially engineered as depopulation ops

I think that everyone can get saved from their sins.   I enjoyed/sought after pornography before I was saved.  I prayed, repented and was healed from my wicked desires to watch porn.  Beyond his we ord (Leviticus 2013) I know God hates homosexual acts because my desire watching porn was mostly watching Lesbians.   I would have wicked nasty dreams about this act.

The formula to eliminate sin from your life, first, love Jesus more than anything.   Read his word.   Fear him and keep his commandments.

While getting saved, I heard a gay porn man talk about how he stopped his homosexual behavior.   His quote, he prayed the guy out of himself.   He has a new sole.  A gay testimony and solution to invite Jesus Christ into your / life was erased from Vimeo that had 3 million views from a former sodomite.   The key, is to put Jesus first and love him with all your heart.

Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?   Get the full story.

Since society is now accepting sodomites, they are now putting pedophilia in our face.   You see it everywhere and are being programmed.  The elite are into Pedophile.   Support this project and this man that gives you who, what, when and how.  Remember, the elite control the media as well.

What, the NYT supports it? Is that true?

More info how deep this abuse is.

Political Pedophilia

Educate yourself.   Many of these people are compromised at the top.

We are being programmed (just like sodomites) to accept it.   Get out of sin.   Ask Jesus into your heart.   Read his word.

DISGUSTING: Media Normalizing Pedophilia

Major corporations are involved with trafficking your kids.   Why is this not covered in the mainstream news?   Why is the USA government still doing business with these companies?

There is an Occult Agenda against your Kids.  Open your eyes on movies bringing in Kids in compromising situations.  First, it is done with humor (just like the sodomite agenda)

Putin and Trump have one thing in common.   They both are trying to bring this down.

Finally, there is an argument that God gives homosexuals over to a reprobate mind.   That they are to far gone.   It is not for me to say or my view, but, you should weigh and hear this message.    Repent of it, and turn to Christ.  At a minimum, the wages of sin in death.   He does this in love to save your soul.  The only thing that can break your desires is the love and fear of Christ.  Read his word.‘Straight’-on-Homosexuality-LGBT-and-Sodom26feb16.shtml