Jesus vs Muhammad

The goal is to save a billion souls. read John 3 16

Why the Bible is True.  30% is prophecy and it is coming true.  Much of it has already come true.

Why we need to call out fake religions is really about saving your soul.  The evidence of those going to hell and praying to Jesus, getting second chances is powerful.  Muslims are getting saved with miricles and dreams.

The elite wants to make Islam a pawn to fight with Christians to then bring in Lucifer.  So they are used as the boogy man.   Put realize, the religion does have tenants of true oppression and evil.  The elite want to bring them in to destroy and control power.

Great series about Islam called what would Muhammad do.   Watch free video that highlights the truth about the religion.

Next, watch Dr. Warner that really talks about Islam by just reading their books.


The truth about Islam.


There really is no comparison.   Jesus is God.


If you are a SJW wanting to protect Islam, please, they want to kill and rape you.   At a minimum not allow you to go to school, cut off your genitals, and last make you wear a bee keeper suit.   Listen to a former Muslim.

This site links the Mark of the Beast to Islam.   You decide.   If you take it, you will not be saved.

RED ALERT : Philippines forcing mark of the beast on its people!

Hard Preaching Softens hearts, soft preaching hardens hearts.  One way to Heaven. 

There are sites to watch for Islam news and their takeover of the West.  Pray that God stops this invasion.

Infowars covers the strategy to use Muslims before the globalist throw them away

There are many false religions.  The key is to get saved.  

Jehovah Witness is really grounded in an occult.    Listen to an occult researcher describe this religion.  Everything but one religion is false.


On this site, I’ve used videos from a 7 Day Adventist that uses the KJV.   With that said, I would not join this church.

Same for Free Masons and Mormons


Read the KJV Bible and find a church that preaches it


More fake Religions – Love of Science 

Warning, if you prefer Hinduism, this is just phony of a religion.