GMO Pot – Meant to Kill your Kid’s Brains

I’m all for legalization of drugs.   The CIA brings in the drugs.  But, I blame the people that use them.   I truly think POT should be legal but not the bioengineered pot that is here today.   George Soros is for legalizing pot.   You have to ask why.   Like adding the fluoride in the water to dumb you down and kill you, so is genetically modified marijuana.    GMO pot is weaponized that remember, the goal of technology is to track everything from seeds to lips. Don’t comply.  Remember, the agenda is to dumb you down with fluoride, drugs, GMO food, vaccines, chemtrails, and put you in a Technotronic control beast system straight out of the Bible.  And yes, this is a way to take your guns.

GMO is against the Bible Leviticus 19 -19

Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

Jim Willy from wrote something very wise below.   Support his finance letter.

The Biblical Prophesies cite that during the End Times, the earth will be attacked by Satanists.

They will attempt to poison and destroy our world with seven bowls, a metaphor used to describe different avenues and methods for ruining planet Earth. Here is the Jackass interpretation of the details for projects currently underway. This is extremely disturbing. Their comprehension requires self-protection.

1)      Poison the AIR with chemtrails, a Rockefeller project closely associated with Agenda-21, whereby the air is filled with benzene and aluminum particles. The former is pure poison. The latter advances Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, the radical rises already noted. The cover is global warming, a widespread ruse by the banker cabal to tax the air we breathe. Its scientific research is badly tainted from paid false reports. Add to the air contamination the high risk of airport scanning equipment from its radiation.

2)      Poison the WATER with fracking procedures done by Halliburton, where toxic chemicals are injected into the water table. They are protected by USCongress laws on damage to the environment. The ocean is rumored to be contaminated by Halliburton also, where they systematically dump radioactive cesium off the California coast, only to blame the noted cancer rise on Fukushima. Other fracking firms do not dump additional toxins like Halliburton. The pesticide glyphosate and even chromium hexavalent have been found at high levels across the US water system.

3)      Poison the FOOD with Monsanto and their aggressive Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) program. It is rumored to be an elaborate virus delivery system with designed infertility in humans just like with crops (no seeds in crop output). The pesticides produced by Monsanto are associated with vast sweeping deaths of the global bee population. The company is protected by laws in the United States and Europe.

Gender confusion is done on purpose with all chemicals

4)      Poison the MONEY with the US Federal Reserve monetary policy of Quantitative Easing, which is hyper monetary inflation in African style by any other name. The global reaction has been to bring the USDollar into a retirement and phase-out. The Jackass has been explaining for over three years that QE kills capital, and is not stimulus.

5)      Poison the VACCINES by directly infusing them with the disease they are supposed to protect against, with a few zinger extra additives like mercury and formaldehyde, even pesticides. In recent reports, they have been found to include immune system suppressants which can encourage cancer growth. They are protected by USCongress laws on all related damage. The autism rates are rising, more dramatically in states like California with mandatory vaccination policy.

6)      Poison the ECONOMY with endless war, under the false flag of fighting terrorism, and under the ruse of fomenting color revolutions. The real motive is to interrupt the Russian energy supply to Europe, thus the Ukraine War, and to stop the Iranian gas supply to Europe, thus the Syrian War. The entire industrial outsourcing and globalization of economic supply chains are essential planks to their ruin of economies. The European Union experiment was designed to ruin their entire economy from a currency imposition and imbalance.

7)      Poison the SOCIETY with the Arab refugee influx, all sponsored by the Western Elite leaders, with national laws all bypassed. Immigration procedures are averted with official blessing. Their passage is routinely paid by USGovt and Soros Foundation NGO organizations, but the Austrian Govt intelligence revealed the connection. This critical step aligns with the 1900 Pike Cabal designed plan for creating a third world war of Christianity versus Islam. The Jackass correctly forecasted a violent ISIS-type event in August 2015 in a major European city. It happened with the staged Paris deadly event in September, the next month. Also, the contamination of society is evident with the homosexuality promotion, in addition to transgender movement.


The Invisible Hand Cultivates Cannabis

If you grow it for medicine, don’t comply with the tracking of all the seeds.   Keep seeds separate from the beast tracking system.   I do think it is properly used as medicine.   Read the book Phonix Tears by Rick Simpson.

The synthetic dope/pot is truly weaponized by the DEEP STATE just like LSD.   Here is an interesting article from a whistleblower.   Again, the strategy is to dumb down the people especially the youth.

If Monsanto is behind it, it has to be nefarious.  They want to control God’s creation.


Monsanto Creates First Genetically Modified Strain of Marijuana

As a Christian, be sober.   Wine is not what you think in the Bible…