Dreams (Repent, Get Right with God)

I had a dream that the Rolling Stones was singing but it was ugly and evil.   The people watching started singing like angels.  The takeaway is you need to choose a side.   John 3 16 vs. vs. evil.  God is allowing you to choose sides.  We need to show compasion and help our fellow Christians.  Listen to Ricks Story about Christians helping Christians.


  •  Sudan Civil War:   I had a dream that people were running in a swamp/river area.   They were armed and running with their families.   Following them were military personnel armed and the aggressor.  They were able to follow their footprints.  In my spirit, the people that were running had power and could and fight back.   God appears to be with them.   I had no idea conflict exists in this country.   A takeaway for me, Christians need to be bold, speak the truth and try to save as many souls as possible.   And when the time comes to defend your life from aggression, fight.



WAR / USA destruction Dreams over the last 5 years.  

  • I was in a car driving through a war-torn city (like a bombed out German City).   People were in rags waving Cuban flags.   I heard, what a waste, people had to give up their sons for this.  What was strange, I had to look up the flag in my dream, it was Cuban.
  • I ran outside and saw Russian troops parachuting down.   I had two minutes to escape by bike

  • I saw a gang of Muslims or Hispanics killing and raping on a train station.    It appeared to happen all over the USA


  • I was driving to MI from Chicago.   I could not get there since Lake MI turned into a river
  • I was surrounded by 50 or so people that had escaped some traumatic event.   They blamed God, but they never new God.   I gave them the gospel.
  • In a major city, cops were being shot by snipers dressed as cops.   Cities burned.   Pure chaos.  Strange, after this dream, DHS is loading up with billions of rounds of hollow point bullets.

  • I saw our electrical grid go in and out
  • I looked out my window and saw a Hispanic man pulling a horse.   I was happy to see someone had transportation
  • I saw a gang of black teens walking at least 45 miles from their home in the suburbs.    They were looting to survive.   One had a broken leg.   It was healed by praying to Jesus.   All converted.
  • Drove through checkpoints where the guard had some sort of breathing apparatus to survive the elements
  • I was in a meeting with Trump who was challenging young people on their numbers.   Someone asked him if he was worried about the business.   He said no.    Next, I’m in a driverless bubble car with my Sister.   A large planet was in the distance.    I had to get out and run with seeds.  I took it as planet X.