Hollywood is Satanic



It is first key to start with the entire Satanic occult on how the agents are controlled.   I’ve been told 4% of the world population are into an occult.  It starts with the Elite.    This is w.hy the system hates Trump.

Interesting documentary on Hollywood.   Nice testimony about being an initiated witch to get into TV.  According to this video, these celebrities must bear their scars with giving their soul to Satan.

You are being programmed.   Look what Hollywood is into.

The Child Sacrifice through breeders.   There is hope for those that are brought up in this environment.


A testimony of what these Luciferians do

The big picture, we are sick..   It starts with the lack of God in our life.


An interesting perspective about being a slave

Agendas are pushed like sodomites.

The own are eating each other.


Hollywood pushes the satanic agenda like cannibalism.

Satanist Katy Perry is obsessed with cannibalism

The Best site is Viligent Citizen.com that exposes the programming.


Politicians are witches.   Listen to an insider with the Clintons.

Actors admit it.   Just Listen to their words.

Admission of a ritual

Why would actors and musicians want to help occult kids busted for pure evil


Solution:  Some have gotten out.