Hollywood is Satanic

Hollywood is Satanic

The reason why TV schedule is called programming is that is the strategy to make wicked   For those that know the Bible, all the topics you are being programmed against are against the Bible.   From accepting sin like homosexuality, bestiality, to pedophilia (the real scandal).


Other topics include making the man of the household look weak.   The last couple movies I’ve watched showed bestiality.    Don’t think this is not pushed by the Central Bankers / Globalist to make you a sin-ridden group and think like a zombie.    When you link in the programming with the fake media, education (common core), and social media ghettos like FaceBook, we are creating a disconnected Godless society that is ripe to fall.   Unless we repent and turn off Hollywood and, stop abortions, this country will be destroyed by God.  Below are many articles and videos that spell out this wickedness.    A site that shows the Hollywood symbolism and programming is https://vigilantcitizen.com/

And yes, this is an agenda.

The CIA and Hollywood

All of the Luciferian Elite from all the different industries have on thing in common.   They are into kids and Baby’s Blood.  They want a one world government.


Hollywood Agenda – A pastor’s perspective to bring in the anti-Christ.  Be careful about big budget movies from Hollywood.



Cia is all over Hollywood to corrupt your minds

An insider comes out

It is first key to start with the entire Satanic occult on how the agents are controlled.   I’ve been told 4% of the world population are into an occult.  It starts with the Elite.    This is w.hy the system hates Trump.

Interesting documentary on Hollywood.   Nice testimony about being an initiated witch to get into TV.  According to this video, these celebrities must bear their scars with giving their soul to Satan.

You are being programmed.   Look what Hollywood is into.

These predators want your kids.   They feel there is power in their blood.


The Child Sacrifice through breeders.   There is hope for those that are brought up in this environment.


A testimony of what these Luciferians do

More evidence of the sickness in Hollywood (why did they make him fall).  Famous Stars cover up the criminal act.

Mind Control – video meaning and symbolism.   Stop watching and listening to this rubish.

The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

Commercial Education on occult witchcraft in your face

The big picture, we are sick..   It starts with the lack of God in our life.


An interesting perspective about being a slave

Agendas are pushed like sodomites.

The own are eating each other.  The good news.   Many actors and musicians are waking up.   They will come to Christ, mostly the older actors and musicians.   Look for more boldness.


Hollywood pushes the satanic agenda like cannibalism.

Satanist Katy Perry is obsessed with cannibalism

The Best site is Viligent Citizen.com that exposes the programming.


Politicians are witches.   Listen to an insider with the Clintons.

Actors admit it.   Just Listen to their words.

Admission of a ritual

Why would actors and musicians want to help occult kids busted for pure evil


Solution:  Some have gotten out.  Watch Pure Flix.   Support Christian Music.   The separation has begun.