Legal System (Criminality) / Banking

Legal System (Criminality) / Banking

Most people awake know the Federal Reserve Bank is not federal.   Watch the movie the MONEY MASTERS for the best description of the scam.   Here is an interview of a banker whistleblower talking about the theft of the system through interest rates.  He got out because supposedly because they wanted him to kill a kid.   He links the legal system to the scam.  Is this being allowed to come out to bring in a digital currency that enslaves us further.

From Common law to Administrative law (educate yourself).  It is becoming a technocracy.   We will be controlled by science and technology gettos.  The NDAA is against the constitution.  This was brought in after 911.  Judges are breaking the laws and completely controlled by political agendas.  The federal agencies will make rules that are not sanctioned by Congress.   Pure tyranny. The Obama administration did not start these bogus regulations but accelerated them.   When President Trump tries to reduce government, it is a good thing.  As seen with the Bundy Ranch issue, these groups are stealing America’s land and property rights.  Making us poor and dependent.   Inorder for a One World Government, Sovernty must be destroyed.

Trump Targets $181 Billion Worth Of Obama-Era Regulations

Within the end times, the restrainer is taken out of the way.   And the lawless one must be reviewed.   I’m not sure about this date (never date set), but she is dialed in with the events that will come.

Murder allowed in the USA with the open borders.   The Dangers of Sanctuary cities.   The globalists want to destroy the sovereign nations.   Illegal immigrant privilege.  Black Matter should go after illegal immigrants that killed a black person.

Corporation gets a pass.  Small business gets penalized.  Licences is a way to control.

David Night is someone to follow with how the UN and Federal Government will over-regulate the people with laws.   They is an innovation on purpose with Muslims.   Follow his show to be informed with the crony capitalism that is both sides of the party.  The UN needs to homogenize and destroy America.   Make us dependent on the State.

We’ve lost all of our rights with privacy.   President Trump was wire tapped.   The rule of law is no longer in America.


The law gets criminal on so many fronts like vaccines.  The fraud behind the vaccine industry and Obamacare allows the system to bankrupt you and poison you.   Most people don’t know that there is a secret vaccine court that pays money for damaged kids.

The UN is getting involved with our laws.


Yes there was election fraud and allowed by the legal system.  Project Veratus had the leading DNC operative get caught on video saying we have been doing illegal activity for decades.  Listen for yourself.  Nobody is jail.   The USA is in a Constitutional Crisis.

The house and senate don’t really pass all the laws.  They handed over their power to government bureaucracies that just write admin rules.  Why is the USA DHS preparing for civil war?

Harvard has reduced teaching common law as foundational courses.   Listen for yourself.  Common law is based on Biblical principles.

Over 50 ranches were shut down by the government.   Listen to the story on the Power Hour and Sheriff Mack

Fake stories.  The media used as a weapon to start chaos.  Order out of chaos.


Become a leader – noncompliance.   It is an information revolution grounded in the Bible.  Laws built on God’s Word are key.