Legal System

Legal System

From Common law to Administration law (educate yourself).  It is becoming a technocracy.   Control by science and technology gettos.  The NDAA is against the constitution.   Judges are breaking the laws and completely controlled.  The UN is getting involved with our laws.

The house and senate don’t really pass all the laws.  They handed over their power to government bureaucracies that just write admin rules.  Why is the USA DHS preparing for civil war?

Harvard has reduced teaching common law as foundational courses.   Listen for yourself.  Common law is based on Biblical principles.

Over 50 ranches were shut down by the government.   Listen to the story on the Power Hour and Sheriff Mack

Fake stories.  The media used as a weapon to start chaos.  Order out of chaos.


Become a leader – noncompliance.   It is an information revolution grounded in the Bible.  Laws built on God’s Word are key.