Wiki Leaks Crime (Clintons)

Wiki Leaks Crime (Clintons)

Foundational movies to watch are Clinton’s Chronicles and Clinton Cash that highlight the organized crime.  The Clintons are just plain old organized Crime with the foundations, illegal banks in Arkansas financed by drug money, money laundering, to the body counts.  The big one is the Hati foundation where minimal money has found its way to the Haitians.   Now, more Clinton linked deaths tied to all the natural path Dr.’s that have been killed.

Although the Clintons are very rich and corrupt, they are just middle managers for the true elite.   The true wealth are the owners of the Federal Reserve banks.   Russia did not hack the election.  Bottom line, Seth Rich was murdered and appear to be the Wiki leaks suspect of the DNC emaiils..

Second, the Pakistani IT brothers were friends with Seeth Rich and gave Debbie Wasserman’s computer to the DC Police.   Pure criminal pay to play exposed again.

US political circus: Debbie Wasserman Schultz involved in yet another DNC scandal

The fact that they are not in jail for selling our missile technology to China to giving nuclear power to North Korea, to rape.   Here is a dreadful compilation of all the crime:

Expert witnessed end up dead.

9-minute video: Clinton ‘body count’ suspiciously increases by five in the last six weeks. What’s certain: Hillary is a War Criminal, rogue Secretary of State, and election fraud felon. Want all history-mysteries solved? Demand .01% arrests for OBVIOUS crimes in war, money, lies


Watch Clinton Chrontitles 2 from Larry Nicoles


Kids murdered with the Mena Arkansas


WikiLeaks – George Soros in the emails was linked to HC.  Hungary calls George an agent of Satan.   George is involved in many groups that are under the divide and conquer strategy.

WikiLeaks – Clinton Corruption and Foundations being a criminal organization


DNC – Goal to Make you Stupid.

Everything is fake.  The news, what we are taught in school.   The media.

Why are so many around the Clintons Foundations dying before they testify?  It is becoming a joke.  WND covers the latest killing.   Great video of watch before removed.

Clinton body count


Body count list.

As said in other posts, Google hides fraud and filters conservatives.

The tru crime on the election was the Democrats.

The DNC Voter Fraud Witnesses Keep Getting Murdered


Rick Wiles covers the Deep State to plant evidence to get rid of Trump with this fake Russian Story.   He covers the strategy.   Hillary could not will.   No one showed up to her events.   The Deep State could not steal enough votes.   conjured up  up a story to take Trump down.     Listin to Tru News and Rick Wiles.

The CIA runs the media and Hollywood.   They blackmail all if they can’t buy them all off.   Drug money is readily available.    The best article on all the illegal rogue hacking elements are below.   Realize, many good people are in the CIA and other organizations.



List of all the Clinton Crimes

Doug Hagmann’s Complete List of Hillary Clinton’s Crimes

Not just the Left doing this.

The Russians did not attack the DNC.  Patriots did.

Former Intel Officer: Ex-NSA Officials Carried Out DNC Hack to Expose Hillary

Every day, crimes keep getting exposed by the Democrats.  A must watch about the Clinton / Bush crime family is the movie Clinton Cash and Clinton Chronicles.

Realize, Republicans from the establishment are really the same party.   This is why the System hates Trump.   Read all the crimes yourself.

The network is tied in with strange pedo ties.

Many in politics are controlled by the mega families / bankers / CIA  / Deep State being compromised (blackmailed) by corrupt evil (as wicked as it gets).

Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation


History of the Democratic Party

Black lives matter, unless you are the Clintons.   They have stolen millions of the donations for the Hati Earthquakes.   It is stated that only 3% of billions ended up in Hati.

There is so much crime, it is hard to even handle.   Do your research on WikiLeaks and the link to strange pedophilia language, collusion with the media, and on and on.  Whistleblowers continue to come out against the Clintons.  Anyone who likes them is truely blind.

Hillary is Lying over TPP that will destroy America.

Project Veratus shows Democratic Operative that has been to the White house over 400 times.  Search for the video.  The main operative that has been to the white house said they have stolen the election for 50 years.

Democrats paid for violence at Trump rallies.   Someone should be in jail.

The Germany President had an account alleged to be used to payoff  people for favors.  The bank canceled her account because of these illegal allegations.

One world government goal from Podesta.

John Podesta’s New Global Order

Podesta Made Assassination Remarks before Scalia’s Death.   These wikileaks emails seem to speak in code right before his death.  Just like Seth Rich as well.

In email, admitted the ISIS trail (Birthday gift to Bill of 1 Million dollars)

The Clintons make fun of just about every group and they want you dumb downed and compliant (Catholics / ethnic groups)

BREAKING: Wikileaks Emails Prove Clinton Insiders “Conspired to Produce an Unaware and Compliant Citizenry”

Media is Controlled Evidence (everything is controlled)


Controlled Opposition 

Controlled Opposition: No Other Options? Who Told You That? (VIDEO)

People Are more Interested with Wiki Leaks than Trumps Potty Mouth.

Read the book the Clinton’s War on Women.   Hillary got off a rapest that almost killed a young girl.

The Shadow GOverment is real according to the FBI.

George Soros Runs the world.   He is a master mind criminal at an early age helping round up Jews and take their property.54 emails were released by Wiki leaks with GS telling Hillary what to do.  George has spent $50 M to shut down Milo and his free speech.

Why would John Kerry cut off Wiki Leaks.   What about free speech?  Hillary wants open borders.  You start to cut off nations by opening the roads and energy.   A means to bring in global government.

voting machine fraud.

Last Chance for America (great summary of all the corruption)

Learn Bird Dogging.  A tactic to get you to fight.

Stopped Truth Tellers (Mr. Savage) from traveling without due process.  The State Department took away the right to travel by eliminating free speech.  In Wiki leaks, the emails admit keeping Mr. Savage out of England.   Wow.

More fraud by a Muslim  tied to the Clintons in the State Department.

Election Fraud / also see Project Veritas

Finally the Mainstream media is forced to report this wiki leak crime.

Abominations (how does this tie to God’s Word)

Who really is involved with Russia



Who is Wiki Leaks (here is the history).

Solution:  Be aware and pull yourself to the Light of John 3 16.   The only chance we have against this corruption is through Jesus Christ.