Luciferian Strategy (required reading)

Luciferian Strategy (required reading)

This post is a must-read.   Further within the post, we cover the Luciferian strategy for world domination.   But, nationalism is rising and the elite are losing control.   They need WW3.

What is the Strategy:  The One World Government or New World Order is about universal domination and the elimination of individual GOD given rights. The plan calls for the destruction of the middle class by bringing everyone into a feudal / communist system.  The modern feudal version is control people through technocracy under the deception of terrorism and climate change (Agenda 21).  Our sovereignty is being lost one step at a time and to bring in a totalitarian under militarized Marshall law.  Homeland security is nothing more than an army to control Christians, Tarrah Jews, Constitutionals, True Capitalists, nationalist, libertarians, and veterans. Watch the DHS threat list as this includes just about an true American including those that believe abortion is bad.

The Roman Catholic Church has a major role with the one world religion.  They declared domination of the world and is a least part of the plan from a religious pillar.   The catholic church has connection is in concert with secret societies, mega banking families, workers in just about every organization that is controlled by the army of Jesuits / Luciferians.

Do a few families run the world? Another theory is it is about blood lines that rule the world.   There are five presidents and Winston Churchill share the same Great Grandfather.  It is even worse than that:

WAR Goals:  Albert Pike predicted or better planned 3 world wars and he is two to two.  These wars are planned by a select few.   The Third World War, he predicts will be between Israel / Christians vs. Islam.  Listen to the credentials and connection of the latest gay club killer and his links the DHS and top Muslim leaders.   Amercian needs a boogy man.

These wars are planned.   The end goal is that all nations give up their sovereignty and Christian religion and atheism putting all of their faith to Lucifer.  If Christianity and Islam fight against each other with a contrived war, the end result is everyone will drop their religion for peace and welcome a one world government.   Order out of Chaos is the strategy.

Remember, the USA created and funds Isis…

Both Sides have the Same Objective:  What is interesting, Saddam Huusan and Joseph Stalin along with many persons of importance in America including most Presidents are Masons that ultimately are controlled by a greater objective.  There are three power blocks, and the most evil is allowed to win.  In the end, we are being played with a false enemy.

There are many articles about foreign troops on American soil, and the purging of USA military brass the last eight years.   America needs to fall in order for the New World Order to exist.

Understand the Strategy                                                                                                                                                               If you watch, Russia is pushing against the New World Order. Putin has said the Carbon Global Warming is a military scam to take power.   Putin said to the UN that their needs to be a coalition to stop the new Satanic Nazi regime.   He was referring to the US and the infiltration of Nazis driven from Operation Paper Clip that brought 10 K scientists to America.  The Nazis are heavily involved worshiping Baal.  Most of the US air strikes come back from bombing missing not dropping a single bomb.   In one week, Russia destroyed more of Isis then the US in a year.    Is Russia good?   For their people, they are not vaccinating or giving their people GMO food.   Without Russia, Christians would have been mascaraed even worse.  But, if it is true Russian troops are on USA soil, you have to wonder.  Personally, I think Putin is a Christian.

A very crips site that outlines the Luciferian cabals plan is

“The Plan” is for total world domination by an elite few- an oligarchy of the wealthy. The information contained in this report comes from published sources listed in the Reference section. This plan is far advanced and close to being realized today (2005). Here, I draw connections between individuals, secret societies, and historical events in the hope of pulling back the curtain and exposing perhaps the greatest con (conspiracy) ever.

I. Machiavelli outlined the basic principles by which a small ruling elite could maintain power and control over the masses in The Prince and The Discourses. These principles include:

1) Might makes right

2) The ends justify the means

3) Divide and conquer

4) Rulers must deceive the ruled- and it’s practical corollary: A simple lie is more effective than a complicated truth.

5) The threat of a “good example,” which, no matter how small and insignificant, must be ruthlessly crushed (examples: Nicaragua, Vietnam, Grenada, etc.)” – Brezinski works with Obama on policy talking about it is easier to kill a million people than to control them…


Corrupt the Bible.  It is key to only read the KJV.   Here is why.

II. Amschel Mayer Rothschild, Jewish international banker. Allegedly, Rothschild gave a speech to other wealthy individuals in Frankfurt, Germany in 1773. In this speech, he outlined this program for eventual world domination by an oligarchy of the wealthy (Osborne, 1971).

1) Since men are inclined more toward evil than good, they can be governed best by using violence and terrorism rather than discussion and persuasion.

  • Who was delivered for our offense, and was raised again for our justification

2) Since political freedom is an idea rather than a fact, it is only necessary to preach liberalism and the people will surrender their freedom to central government for an idea. This power is then to be seized.

  • The Patriot Act takes away your rights under the phony sense of security – true treason
  • Liberalism is founded in Communism
  • Our education system is teaching communism / group think / social justice warriors
    • The devils political system is communism

3) The power of gold (money) can overcome the power of liberal leaders. It doesn’t matter who will be used to destroy existing governments because whoever does so will need money, and that is entirely in our hands.

  • They print the money.   Ever wonder why the Federal Reserve Bank has never been audited?  It is a private bank owned by rich families

4) The use of any means to achieve our goal is justified (the ends justify the means).

5) Our right lies in force (might makes right).

6) We will use alcohol, drugs, and moral corruption of all kinds to corrupt the youth.

  • Search for the book about the ADHD fraud
  • The media / Hollywood is paid to promote filth
  • Look into electromagnetic pollution and kids behavior
  • Your being drugged by the medical system that gets taught to be smart drug dealers especiallly with the anti depressants

7) Our policy will be to cause wars and then direct peace conferences in such a manner that neither side obtains territorial gains.

Secretpower of our sources must remain secret.

  • Secreat Societies / Foundations / Mega Corporations / Central Banks etc

9) Our wealth should be used to subsidize candidates elected to office who will pass laws favorable to our enterprises. Politicians will be controlled by our behind the scenes “experts”, “specialists”, “advisors”, and “agentur”.

10) We will use criminals and subversives to create violence and terror among the masses. After these groups have done their damage, our agents will appear on the scene to exterminate them, thus appearing to be saviors of the oppressed.

  • Americans need a boogy man.   This is why the borders are open and criminals are being let out of jails by Obama. And realize any politician is a middle manager to these trillionaires that run everything.
  • Why USA funds Isis – look it up
  • Why mega bankers fund BLM and other radical groups

11) We will use our combined wealth to control the press and other outlets of public information and use them to spread propaganda and lies while we remain hidden in the background clear of blame.

12) We will use high sounding phrases and make lavish promises. Afterward, the opposite can be given.

  • Think about every President and their promises.   Nothing changes.
  • Read my lips, no new taxes – We then were taxed high (President Bush)
  • Just look up all the things Obama promised then signed – you know them by their fruits

13) We will bring about industrial depressions and financial panics to create unemployment and hunger.

14) By controlling the mobs, we can eliminate any opposition that stands in our way.

15) We will infiltrate Continental Free Masonry and organize a secret society within a secret society. And we will use Lodges of the Grand Orient to spread propaganda.

  • At the highest level, Masons worship Lucifer.
  • Every organization has useful idiots doing the bidding of these bankers that will be the first to get taken out once the agenda is complete (history allways repeats itself)
  • Like stiring up Moslems to fight with Christians

16) Our goal will be world government.  

  • Just as the Bible predicts.

17) We will create economic war through higher and higher taxes and by subsidizing special interest minority groups. By stimulating greed amongst the masses, the masses themselves will help destroy their own economy and themselves. Matters will be arranged so that increased wages and salaries will bring about no real benefit.

  • Divide and conquer – classic example
  • Why Donald Trump is vilified – low taxes, low burden on business, print non interest notes would turn around the USA economy tomorrow
  • I.E. the Affordable Healthcare act is not affordable – control the food and healthcare, control the people
  • They are promoting non Biblical behavior..   Watch TV and see the dependance on the state.  Classic divide and conquer.   If everyone were a true Christian, you would have nothing to worry about.   The founding of illegal drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activities would dry up.   Yes, these groups control the illegal activity at the top.

18) build up arms between the major powers, and then provoke an incident and force them into war so they will destroy each other’s governments and religious institutions.

  • These bankers support and promote both sides.
  • Since the media is controlled, Russia is now the boogie man.
  • The controllers want war between the Christians and the Muslims to bring in lucifer worship

19) We will infiltrate our agents into all classes of people, in schools and elsewhere to corrupt the youth by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false.

  • Evolution vs. Creation.   Remember, this is a plan hundreds of years old…
  • Communism vs. Capitalism (note we don’t have true capitalism today – it is select facism)

20) We will substitute international arbitration for law.

  • The EU, Nafta, and the TPP take away our sovereignty and give the power to an un elected few.
  • You will not have an elected government with the TPP.   You better stop it at all cost

World War 3.   Why it happened, all about the dollar and one world government.

America needs a boogy man and to create chaos.  911 was an inside job.

Here is the evidence that the billionaire Soras is allowing Muslims that want to kill Christians / non-believers into Europe and America.   The terrorism is allowed to happen to control you.

Putin has kicked out the one world bankers.   The bankers are poking him for World War 3.    Jon Kirby threatens Russia if Putin kills Isis.   What..  What side is America on.   I thought Isis is bad.  The luciferian western bankers hate Russia because they kicked out these bankers from the early 1900s and the country is turning the Christian roots.

From there, they can build their lucifarian one world Government.   Listen to his words that you do not see in our corrupt media.

The War System

Eisenhower warns about the scientific / military industrial complex striving to dominate the world with a few ruling the world.



Why does a military think tank say the USA population will drop by over 90% on by 2025. ( is a think tank – again, they must tell you what is coming)

Country Population GDP Mil. Exp. PPP
1 China 1,360,720,000
2 Brazil 217,859,380
3 Russia 136,979,080
4 India 1,357,200,000
5 Germany 48,123,620
6 Mexico 116,038,400
7 Italy 45,526,880
8 Turkey 88,587,440
9 France 43,545,080
10 Indonesia 269,846,400
11 Japan 46,640,420
12 South Korea 39,496,700
13 United States of America 64,879,100
14 Canada 24,594,680
15 Argentina 44,104,700
16 Colombia 49,759,520

You have to ask yourself about the perpetual military drills in the USA.  Jade Helm and their taglin master the human domain.  Do we really want to be mastered?  Caravan after midnight did a sound job breaking down this topic.  Jade helm is putting military with your digital footprint to dominate society.   It appears to be a model to controll all.  You be the judge.  Realize, the logo resembles the Nazis wooden shoes referance tied to concentration camps. 


Read the Bible.   This video covers the Eugenics program by our leaders.

If you wonder how Americans will be controlled, listen to this Caravan after Midnight interview about the rise of robots and AI. It features a pastor that has researched drone technology and shows its potential for turning America into the Orwellian nightmare.  If it is a slow takeover, the rise of the robots is a concern.   There are white papers that want to not allow people to travel.   Cars drive themselves, others will be taxed by the mile with carbon taxes.   All a means to control you.

Follow the Money (no loyalty to nations).  But once you dissect the flow of money on who funds the wars and what secret societies do the elite really serve, you see the same entities fund both sides

War Interviews that really get to the heart of issue.

The USA is at the heart of the one world agenda.   There is a bill that allows the President the power to call for a declaration of Marshall law to use the troops anywhere anytime and grants unlimited power to wage war against Isis who USA is funded.  Recently, Obama allows the UN to come to USA soil at will.  The Patriot Act ultimately controls the poeple.   Complete Fascism / Technocracy (look it up) control.   The threat of Isis is funded by America, a fact known around the world. Benghazi was really about the USA providing weapons for radical Islamists.   This is high treason is not being prosecuted.

Do not get caught up with political correctness.   It is divide and conquer, judgement allowed by God.  Muslim funded by the USA is slaughtering Christians and this is done on purpose no matter the Right Left position. – UN allowing mass migration on purpose

Understand the History of Wars by the elites is covered by the following video.  Don’t sign up your children for such rubish.


Hegalian Dialetic, controlled conflict with two opposing directions ultimately creates synthesis.  A great example is the political party of Right vs. Left.    It is all BS.   It is really right vs. wrong.  The clash of opposites get people to give up their individual rights to the state.  It becomes about feeling.  False choice.

Solution:  Your faith is going to be the only thing that delivers you.  Get in your prayer closet and remember to bind evil spirts with the Blood of Jesus.   Ephesians 6:12, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  I see American having diverse difficult times ahead.  Massive coordinated Muslim attacks. Our cities will burn with the cops being slaughtered by the state (false flags).   War with Russia.   Energy blackouts. Starvation,   Earthquakes, pandemics, starvation and natural disasters.

War must be financed by the Luciferian bankers and the controlling elite.  The more wars, the more control they get.   The closer we get to one world, no borders, a lack of sovernty. Follow the money and you will find the Puppet Masters.   Remember, Germany was financed by Americans or the same Luciferian Bankers.

Get your eyes on Jesus and pray for his protection.  Christians will go through tribulation.  If you are Pre-Tribe, listen to a Kent Hovind Preacher that changed his

3 Biblical Reasons for WAR described in this sermon 

Listen to a Pastor about War and the acceptance by the people for the lust for war..

Last, educate your kids..   The schools have been corrupted.

The Truth About the New World Order & The Illuminati Agenda

Get simple.   Use Start Page for your search engines.  Learn skills.