Weather Control (not Global Warming)

Weather Control (not Global Warming)

There are hundreds of patents about controlling the weather.

During the Vietnam War, geoengineering weapons were often used to drown out the area.   The strategy is to control the weather to bankrupt farmers and steal

  1. To bankrupt farmers and steal their farms
  2. Kill the pollinators and use nanomachines to pollinate their geo engineered seeds (dropping aluminum on us)
  3. Create aluminum ready seeds to control the food supply.
  4. Move people to megacities.
  5. To link the weather issues Carbon Dioxide to tax you and track you (you create carbon dioxide)
  6. Population control – UNs own documents
  7. Order out of chaos – just like the Patroit Act, make you dependent
  8. Stock market fraud – you know it is coming, you can bet against it (just like 911 and shorting the airlines that hit the towers)

Review the geoengineering Post

Warm water does not cause hurricanes.   What is interesting, You are being lied to.  Listen to the guy that invented weather control systems.    Notice the usa does not sign the UN weather weapon treaty.


Global warming is a carbon tax scam