Alert 1 - False Flag Las Vegas Shooting

Alert 1 – False Flag Las Vegas Shooting

Take your Guns / Bring in the POLICE STATE:  LOOKS LIKE DEATH SQUADS 

Why are peoples cell phones being erased?   Why a witness that was forming a truth group about Las Vegas because of multiple shooters ended up dead?  The body count of witnesses that are high level (lawyers) saying the engagement with the FBI was strange.   Another witness that was troubled by what he saw was run over by a car.

This is a scam to take your guns and make you a slave.


Multiple shooters, listen to the audio – more evidence

Timeline is wrong

Sheriff looks rattled – is he being threatened (search for this video)

George Soro Shorts (stock market) the MGM stock…  Geroge supports Communist groups like Black Lives Matter.  He is all about divide and conquer to overthrow governments and short their currency.  He is the true Nazi.

Congressman Gosar Nails George Soros for the Evil Nazi Traitor That He Is

Ellen (who interviewed the so-called shooter hero security guard) has investments with the MGM.  Some say this shooter hero lost a ton of weight and left the country.  Wow


Spent shell Casings in a place that should not have been

FBI tries to kill Pamela Geller – Listen to the link to Las Vegas.   Classic false flag operation. She ties back to Las Vegas and Isis.

Hagmann and Hagmann had a great interview with a common independent reporter that can make a difference and challenge the narrative.   The lesson, you can make a difference as well.

Helicopters transponders went dark.   You can’t make this up.

Why are so many people getting carried out of Hooters?  Some say people ran to it.   Others say another shooter.

The story keeps changing.  David Icke (although an atheist) makes some good points.

Why does a swat team move to confiscate footage of the shoot?  Tropicana security footage would have been the best footage of the multiple shooters, as many have shared.


Most be a planned death squad – project Gladio (look it up).  Plus, most people know JFK was killed NOT by one man.    Looks like an inside job for the thinking man.

At 60 minute mark, an investigative journalist talks about the hidden false flag crime.

Project Northwoods – look it up

Who is behind Isis (Obama, Clintons, Deep State)?   Watch this video that ties the money to Las Vegas.  Civil war is in Saudi Arabia.  It looks like the Bush / Clinton combine.  False flag is coming again.

Criminals are running Washington and trying to oust Trump.   Is all this connected with this false flag?

Boom: the Clintons, US uranium, Putin, and the FBI

22-minute mark is a must watch..

Report that the top floors of the MGM are owned by Bill Gates.   Destabilization is the goal.  Pictures provided to the public did not match the noise.  They are mocking you.

How can so much deception be in America?   It starts with the private bank the Federal Reserve Bank that is a con job and a private bank.

911 – please