Days of Noah and Giants

Days of Noah and Giants

Days of Noah & Giants

Giants in the land..  Great video by Dr. Tent that highlights the lie about Giants and our history.

What is the Days of Noah.  How do you know Jesus is coming back.  You know we are close when the corporate media is pushing cannibalism and pedophilia.  Nobody goes to jail for selling baby parts.

When I was reading the Bible, I remember thinking the stories of the Great Flood and Noah were fairy tails.  Two days later, I came across this video.  The format and presentation were interesting (a bit different), but the content is powerful.

It is important to realize that the End Days will be like as the days of Noah, Mathew 24.   In Noah’s days, the gene pool was corrupted, the same is currently happening today.  GMO is not only in your food but also it is changing both humans and animals DNA.  On paper, we are sold the good that GMO technology can do great things like feed the world. We do not need GMO products to feed the world.  According to my Permaculture professor, the entire world could be fed if the entire state of MO farmed permaculture.   But the unintentional consequences are maddening.  This truther video covers the news that rest assured is 30 years ahead of what we are being told in terms of technology and what is ahead of us.

Support Kent Hovind (not his son) and his new ministry.  Watch him on YouTube.

Also found in the story of Noah are Giants (just read Genisis).  Just like the rest of the story, I viewed it as fantasy.   However, I later discovered a youtube video detailing that Giant Bones are found everywhere and whose dig sites are later covered up.  Also, see the category evolution.  There are many articles from the 1800’s talking about these Giants

The fall of society.   Hollywood has fallen so deep into supporting witch craft.

I’m not sure about these things but I do know the spirit world exists.

Food supply is collapsing right before our eyes.   The Pacific Ocean is dead.

Solution, spread the links…  Educate Kids.

Watch this video about how the signs of the time shows we are getting close.