Russia Hack is a Hoax - says NSA Head

Russia Hack is a Hoax – says NSA Head

President Trump has asked an American hero/whistleblower to investigate the DNC hack and he says it was an inside job.  This entire witch hunt is a criminal scam.   The download was from the inside and not transferred to overseas counties.  I’m told, Trump is spying on this criminal network (like they have done illegally to him).

The last president’s birth certificate information (in Hawaii) was hacked and changed by an ip address from Washington DC.,.   Everything is fake.   Realize, there is a civil war in the USA.

The FBI investigator that let Hillary Clinton off interviewed Flynn and with wiretapped conversations that were illegal.  We live in a banana republic.

The Seth Rich information has been covered in other posts.   The evidence including Wiki Leaks founder hinting at this was the source for the DNC link that ended up murdered is troubling.

The true crime is being covered up.  Watch the movie Clinton cash and Clinton chronicles on this site.  is Fbi went after the person that reported this illegal meeting with Bill.

About that Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting – Have You Seen These 29 Documents Previously Withheld By The DOJ?

The true crime is the Bilderberg group that is against the Logan Act.

Ron Paul agrees this is a complete joke.   Wake up.