Strategies to Win

Situation Assessment

  • The conspiracy is good vs. evil, the Luciferians vs. God’s Word
  • The prize is your soul


  • Save a Billion souls


  • Separate and sustain the sheep from the goats


  • Unite and conquer under the cross (engine of liberty)

7 Strategy and Tactics 

  1. Pray Everyday to Jesus 
  2. Fear God and keep his commandments
    1. Love Jesus with all your heart
      1. Read the KJV and teach wife and kids
    2. Repent
    3. Confront evil
    4. Know your role in the household
    5. Invest behind Preachers that teach sound doctrine
  3. Wake up the YOUTH – Stand tall, be heard
    1. Bible knowledge is the foundation
      1. Educate early on the Bible
      2. Home school
      3. Political correctness is brainwashing
    2. Eliminate porn, TV, witchcraft, filth (teach purity)
    3. Teach individual rights (facts) vs. the collective (emotion)
  4. Christians buy from Christians buy local non-chain 
    1. Identify businesses, ask if the owners are Christians
    2. Build communities
  5. Gain Wisdom to Independence on all topics
    1. Starts with the Bible on everything from Law to health
    2. Learn skills for independence (create)
    3. Seek News grounded in the truth
      1. TruNews, InfoWars, Drudge Report, Natural News, Zero Hedge etc
    4. Plant a garden / food forest, acquaponics
    5. Natural Health – body is your temple (for your entertainment)
      1. Get off medication if possible, stop vaccines, filter out the fluoride
      2. Organic food, cosmetics, cleaning agents, soups, supplements, GMO free
  6. Stop Technocracy (the BEAST)
    1. Learn about the technocracy grid (Technocracy Rising by Patrick Wood)
    2. Stop Agenda 21 or whatever the UN is call it
    3. Stop driverless cars
    4. Stop the smart grid
    5. Buy books
    6. No chips, cash is king
    7. Push for Sovereignty vs. Globalism
    8. Use privacy search engines like START PAGE
  7. Christian Think Tank (labor / innovate for God)
    1. Create Christian value-add models everywhere
      1. Great example are the health  insurance coups
        1. create your business
    2. Not left vs. right – but Christian vs Evil