Spiritual Warfare Works / Faith

If you go to Drudge Report (number 1 news site), you see demon possession and deliverance happening all the time.   The reason why the Elite, Communists, Left, and criminals want to destroy Christians, is there is power in prayer.  http://www.lorendavis.com/news_articles_pagan1.html

Learn the tools of prayer from Russ Dizdar.


Derek Prince is an expert with Spiritual Warfare.  I broke my pornography addiction through praying one time.

Listen to how you have authority with the Blood of Jesus.  Remember, you have to be a true believer in order to have your prayers answered.  Plus, it needs to be God’s Will from his word.

Learn to deliver from any wicked thing

Pray for Health Miracles

Pray against the Pedophile network.   Trump is going after them and is a reason why the deep state is pissed.   Because this problem goes to the top.